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Ronald Otile successfully defended his Tusker Malt Uganda Open trophy after a four day play at the Kitante Golf Course.

Ronald Otile led his group by five shots as he posted a score of 74 on day four of the Tusker Malt Uganda Open. He posted an overall score of 291 (74, 69, 74, 74) to defend his title.

Adolf Muhumuza who gave Otile a run for his money, came in second with a score of 296. He had led on day one of the Open but was unable to maintain his lead throughout the tournament. Although Muhumuza was playing in his last tournament as an amateur, he was all praises for having faced a formidable opponent in Ronald Otile.

Kenya’s Muchangi Paul was the third runner up with a score of 301 whereas Zambia’s Aaron Simfukwe came in fourth with a score of 304. Seasoned golfer Basabose John was fifth after posting 304 and Rwanda’s Nsabimana Alloys finished in sixth place on 304 as well.

Speaking to the champion Ronald Otile, he said; “I trained so hard with my partner to be able to retain this trophy. I worked so hard and you can see that my game has improved tremendously. I thank everyone who has supported me and I hope to be back next year to defend my title.”

The Tusker Malt Uganda Open is in its 6th year and the partnership that Uganda Breweries Limited through its flagship premium beer Tusker Malt lager enjoy, is ever growing stronger.

During the awards ceremony hosted by Johnnie Walker, the Uganda Breweries Limited Managing Director, Mark Ocitti said; “We increased our contribution to the Uganda Open because of the success that we have witnessed over the years. Last year, we witnessed Otile set a record by winning both the amateur and pros tournaments. He has been outstanding this year as he has showed us that the investment made to take him to a golf academy is already paying off. Well done.”

The Uganda Golf Union has introduced a new regulation whereby the top ten winners of the amateur Open are allowed to play in the pros tournament of the Tusker Malt Uganda Open. This means that we shall have an opportunity to watch these youngsters take on the pros come August 31st.

The Tusker Malt Uganda Open will return on the 31st August as the professional golfers take to the green to battle it out.

Uganda Breweries Limited, through its flagship premium beer Tusker Malt Lager, for the 6th year in a row, are the title sponsors of the Uganda Golf Open. Tusker Malt Lager moved to augment its commitment to the game of Golf by further increasing its cash sponsorship from UGX 200 million shillings to UGX 230 million shillings. An additional UGX 270 million shillings as noncash sponsorship has also been injected into the tournament, taking the total sponsorship kit up to UGX 500 million shillings.

Tusker Malt Lager embodies the spirit of the game of golf. Tusker Malt lager is slow brewed with an ingredient base of 100% malt giving it that unmistakably rich, smooth premium taste that is widely recognized and that consumers have grown to love.

Ronald Otile successfully defended his Tusker Malt Uganda Open trophy after a four day play at the Kitante Golf Course.