Water of Life Programme

There are many communities in East Africa that have no access to clean, safe water. This is due to reasons such as lack of rainfall and poor infrastructure. In response to this, EABL Foundation has continuously partnered with various agencies in the provision of clean, safe and sustainable water supply to communities living in water-stressed areas.

Through our Water of Life programme, we support projects that help combat water poverty by improving access to clean drinking water and sanitation. We continue to invest heavily in water projects that have positive and long-term impact on thousands of people by reducing the incidence of water borne diseases and by releasing time otherwise spent by women and children in search of water for alternative income generating activities

Some of the projects that we have invested in include:

Acholi sub-region project in 2018

2018 – Sank 16 boreholes in Acholi sub-region targeting sorghum farming communities who supply the brewery with raw material for production.

Constructed public sanitation facilities in 2017

2017 – Constructed public sanitation facilities worth UGX 300 million at Port Bell and Kirombe slum comprising 8 urinals for men, 4 male toilets and 2 bathroom, 2 male seat-toilet for disabled persons, 4 female toilets and 2 bathroom, 2 female seat-toilet for disabled persons. The project benefits over 12,000 residents, traders and visitors to the two areas.

Constructed a water harvesting system in 2016

2016 – Constructed a water harvesting system consisting of two underground tanks with total capacity of 200,000 litres, two overhead tanks each with 24,000 litres capacity, water treatment, filtration, pumping and distribution system worth over UGX 204 million at Entebbe Referral Hospital.

Bulangira small town water Project in 2015

We partnered with WaterAid Uganda (WAU) to implement a three year water and sanitation project in Bulangira, Kibuku District worth Ushs 1billion. Project consists of improved sanitation and hygiene, providing for over 3,000 people. The project will also construct a water supply system that will benefit 3,200 people as well as construct public latrines and a bathroom at the health center III.

Mbarara Referral Hospital in 2014

We fully funded the construction of a water reservoir system worth Ushs 630 million. The consists of a 200,000 litre under-ground tank and two over-head tanks each with 24,000 litres capacity, water treatment and filtration, pumping and distribution system across the hospital. The project benefits 600,000 people.

Northern Uganda projects in 2014

We sank 15 boreholes in the three districts of Lamwo, Pader and Kitgum. This project cost Ushs 14million and benefits 15,000 people. In addition, 5 boreholes were sank in Apac.

Sanitation projects in 2013

We constructed modern sanitation facilities in Ggaba market benefiting 540,000 people, Kinawataka benefiting 25,000 people, Sofia market in Busia benefitting 36,000 people and a fish handling platform in Luzira, Port Bell benefitting 14,000 people. All projects cost close to Ushs 400 million.

Water filters for Western Uganda in 2013

We donated 50 water filters to 22 health IV centres within 8 districts in Western Uganda to solve the problem of access to clean and safe drinking water for patients within the wards.

Entebbe Referral Hospital in 2013

We provided 3 water harvesting tanks of 10,000 litres of capacity worth Ushs 15 million and, in 2014, an underground water reservoir of 200,000 litres costing Ushs 290 million. This project benefits 20,000 people.

Jinja Referral Hospital Water Project in 2012

We provided a water harvesting system consisting of a central water reservoir of 100,000 litres and two overhead water tanks of 24,000 litres each. This project is worth Ushs 360 million and benefits 360,000 people.

Water kiosks in 2009

We provided 4 water kiosks to residents of Kampala central, Rubaga and Kawempe areas benefiting 40,000 people..

Rainwater tank in Kyamuhunga Comboni Hospital in 2009

We provided a rainwater harvesting tank of 24 litres benefiting 7,500 people.

North East Uganda in Kaberamaido District in 2008

We rehabilitated and constructed water sources (8 hand dug wells and reinstallation & repair of 45 non-functional wells ) benefiting 90,000 people.

We support projects that help combat water poverty by improving access to clean drinking water and sanitation.