70th Anniversary MAGAZINE

To the next 70 with pride

Congratulations on turning ‘sweet 70’ Uganda Breweries!

This is a great milestone that every Ugandan ought to be proud of because together you and I have built and sustained this Ugandan brand for seven whole decades. In this special edition of 70th Anniversary Magazine, we share tales from the people who saw it all, what we get up to as a Brewery and lessons learnt over time. As you flip through these pages, it is my hope that you will not only enjoy our story but take something away that will better you or your business because we exist only to celebrate life every day, everywhere. Many people would “literally kill” for a sneak peek at what the Brewery looked like when the first bottle rolled off the production line. What if we told you that we can satisfy your curiosity today – right at the start! I also know that you may not consider it “hot news” that we have a new Managing Director, because you have already interacted with him on different platforms. And that as a top captain of business, he has a great strategy to grow the business to become the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer goods company in Uganda. BUT – what you would not know is what beer he drinks, whether he loves watching movies or plays basketball - or even whether active politics is in the pipeline for him! That too is included! You must want to know what your favorite brand is made of or what it stands for. And you must be curious about what else we get up to when we are not producing the greatest tasting brands in the world. This too has been covered so that for the next few minutes you can immerse yourselves in one of the top two companies to work for in Uganda.

Then - knowing that we are at the forefront of innovation and trend setting, see how our extraordinary staff upped the ante at the UBL@70 celebrations in their 60s, 70s and 80s outfits, pictures that graced media pages for over two weeks – the longest ever in the last 70 years!!! 
We compare their efforts with the trendy fashions of yesteryear. Find out who came out on top.

Lastly – we have taken the opportunity to turn our own pens on the veteran journalists through whose curiosity and nose for a good story has kept us on our toes. Through these pages we share the tales of those who, for example, clung to the “Great Night - Good Morning” Bell Lager adverts like their lives depended on it. Find out how they fared. 
At the end of the day, the 70th Anniversary Magazine commemorates 70 years of transforming and celebrating lives with a brand that is as resilient as the Ugandan people. In many ways, it is a memoir of all that makes us a solid business and provides the spring in our gait as we march on to the next 70 years with pride!

Cheers to 70 years of greatness!!!
Celebrating Life Everyday, Everywhere.

Charity Ekudu Kiyemba

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Congratulations on turning ‘sweet 70’ Uganda Breweries!