When the original distillery was built in 1819 by the future Duke of Sutherland, the quality of Clynelish Single Malt Scotch Whisky was so prized that only private customers were supplied.

Yet less than fifty years later, the economic recession of 1931 forced the distillery to close. Production restarted in 1938, only to shut down again from May 1941 until November 1945 due to restrictions on the supply of barley during the Second World War.

The barley that makes Clynelish™ is still malted in the Northern Highlands and water is still piped down from the Clynemilton Burn to the distillery. Through the craftsmanship of the Master Distiller, these combine to make the cool, coastal single malt whisky, aged in oak casks for at least fourteen years.

Throughout the years, Clynelish™ has always been held in high regard by experts. The great Victorian, Professor George Saintsbury, selected it as a favourite and today's malt whisky lovers consistently praise its unique combination of North Highland and maritime qualities.

The yellow gold 14 year old Clynelish single malt offers sweet floral fragrances and maritime flavours with a light, dry finish – a classic case of a coastal malt with a subtle island character.

For many years, Ugandans everywhere enjoyed drinking their local gin. This gin recipe was passed down from generation to generation, a treasured blend of the land.