E-Green Initiative

As part of our environment agenda, we have a staff-driven program called E-Green Team that is focused on environmental conservation through tree planting.

E-Green Team provides a unique opportunity for staff to own, develop and manage a key area in the company’s social responsibility agenda through an open invitation where they become members and contribute to environmental preservation through tree planting activities.

  • In 2018, we committed UGX 205 Million to restore, and have since then continued the restoration of, forest reserves within various Lake Victoria water catchment areas in partnership with National Forestry Authority (NFA) and Rotary Uganda’s Mission Green.
  • Our staff continue to show their commitment to protecting the environment and in 2018 yet again, each of them received and planted at least one tree seedling at their home, which saw the business plant over 500 trees of several varieties in one weekend in and around the areas they live in.
  • Prior to this, we restored over 1900 hectares of forest cover to the Navugulu forest reserve in Mpigi District in what we, internally refer to as “the UBL forest”.

Over the years the team has planted trees  in Kamokoli community in eastern Ugandan, Nabitoli catholic parish, Budaka in Wakiso, Navugulu forest reserve and most recently in 2019 the team planted trees in a bid to restore Ggangu forest.

Over the years the team has planted trees in Kamokoli community in Eastern Uganda, Nabitoli catholic parish, Budaka in Wakiso with different partnerships.